Blackberry vs iPhone (FB matters)
I had the privilege of using iPhone previously and is lucky to be using Blackberry now. Since the application that I most often (or always?) use is Facebook, here are some differences between these smartphones in terms of FBing.
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1. The large screen of iPhone is wayyy better than BB which has a very cenonet screen. The larger the screen, the better to see the photos in FB.happy

2. The FB interface for iPhone is much more lively and colourful than BB's. Dull semacam je BB.yawn

3. iPhone will alert you of all notifications including the 'Likes' but BB will miss out on the 'Likes' alert. Unless you go to the Mobile site which is redundant if you think about it.rolling eyes

4. I don't like the quality of the photos taken by BB. Very poor. Yes, of course, my BB may lack some pixel as compared to the other BB models. Pics taken by iPhone looks much better.thumbs up

5. What I hated most about the BB (in terms of FB) is when uploading photos. There's a limit on the number of words you can type for the photo's caption. Unlike iPhone. And for someone who realllly loves to write long sentences and long captions, that limitation is realllly frustrating.frustrated

6. I looveee the iPhone's touch screen which makes the world an easier place to live in...winking Easy browsing, easy zooming and easy segala. With BB, the track pad which is very small in size, works just like the track pad on your laptop. Well, kinda easy to use but sometimes I may overscroll and accidentally click on something that I did not meant. For instance, I accidentally click 'Like' on somebody's activity and had to 'Unlike'. Asyik terbabas je...

7. Posting a status or a comment is comparable for both I think. Both kinda easy. And of course the tendency for typo exists for both. I used to hate the iPhone autocorrect and switched it off but then I switched it back on. Coz sometimes it helps, a lot... I'm aware of BB's autocorrect but I think it is not as extensive as iPhone. Ke aku yang tak pandai guna? tongue

8. One thing that I noticed when I was using iPhone was that there's no option to find friend and add the friend. While BB allowed you to send invitation by email. Well, you need to know the email address of the person to be able to use this option. sigh

9. One plus point of BB is the alert. Even though the application is already closed, the alert still comes in. Thus you don't have to constantly open the app and check whether there's any notifications. But with iPhone, once you have exited the app, the alert does not show sad. Well, the iPhone I was using was an older model. Maybe newer iPhones have been improved in this sense.

10. Something about non-FB. I like the way you can download BB's  templates and layout for the main screen. Many designs to choose from, and it's free. For instance from Crackberry. Not sure if iPhones allowed you to do that. My research is limited. (Malas la pulak nak buat research). And not forgetting the BBM. Well, that's another story.

There you have it. Ten points and most of them sided with iPhone. Well, what can I expect? iPhones are designed for entertainment purposes but BB is meant for the corporate, business  and busy (like me big grin) individuals that need to be contactable at all times. Thus, the dull appearance but very practical.

So, why the heck did I let go the iPhone and decided on BB instead? Well, it's free. Who am I to resist...happy
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