A Warung in the Valley
Hubby and I went to MidValley shopping complex the other day. We have been searching for Blackberry Curve casing which has a front flip cover. Something like iPhones casing. And I saw a colleague has one and I was told that she got it from MidValley. Well, we did find a shop selling those but they are currently out of stock. The ones that are left were pink or white colored. Sungguh tidak memberangsangkan.sad

We were thinking of catching a movie while we were there. But, unfortunately, we spent quite some time going from one telecommunication store to another that we had to forgo the movie. Double upset.frustrated

We had lunch at an outlet named The Warung. Nice place and nice deco too.

However, this is no place for Cik Kiahs' meeting. The chairs are so not comfortable. I know, they have to live up to their name, Warung, hence these stools. But can you imagine chit-chatting for hours on that chair? raised eyebrows

Hubby ordered Nasi Ikan Cili Padi. Rice and fried Dory Fish slices with cili padi sauce, and vege and fish crackers. The mention of Dory fish made me recall of the animation movie Finding Nemo. But not to the extent sampai tak sanggup nak makan ikan tu. Quite nice. But the fish was a little bit too salty. Garam tertumpah kot... winking

I ordered a dish called Nasi Tumpang. This is how it looks in its package.

And tadaaa... when the package is opened. 

Nasi Tumpang is composed of layers of rice with serunding daging/ayam, rendang ayam and sambal telur. A total of 11 layers. We counted 9 layers at first. Then we visualized the other 2 layers. Buat2 nampak je la... tongue The dish also came with vege and fish crackers. The sambal telur is actually omelette with chili. The taste... not bad at all.

Hubby said, the ethics of eating Nasi Tumpang is you have to eat it layer by layer. If not, you will miss out on the pleasure of the whole dish.

Okay, that was a joke...laughing Suka hati la nak makan macam mana pun. Makan layer by layer pun, dalam perut tunggang terbalik jugak.big grin
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