One side of Cherating
My family and I were in Cherating, Pahang few weekends ago. A cousin from the hubby's side was getting married on a Sunday. The journey from KL to Cherating may takes about 3.5 hours. Instead of going for a day-trip, we thought, why not stay overnight somewhere so that we won't be exhausted. It was school holidays and most places in Cherating were all fully-booked. And we aimed for the small hotels/chalets/resorts and we were not very particular if the place got swimming pool or not, thinking it's just going to be a one-night affair. So we booked a place called Riverside Beach Resort Cherating.

We went there on Saturday. And arrived at the destination safe and sound, thanks to the Holux GPS devicethumbs up.

The place is quite close to the beach. And the surrounding area is quite nice.

You can either book one of these room units.

Or you can book the family suite chalet.

We booked the former. Despite the nice surrounding area and fresh air from the sea and presentable outdoor view of the room units, the inside was a major turnoff thumbs down. Sorry to say... The room is poorly maintained; closet with door broken, skimpy mattress, flattened pillows, lousy towels, TV with very poor reception, air-cond that almost did not work and ill-maintained bathroom. 

Okay, I'm not becoming pompous and high and mighty all of the sudden. I'm quite used to 'kampung' lifestyle and had my share of living life in an environment with limited necessities. Well, maybe I'm so used to luxury and have been to too many star-studded hotels so that facing a place like this was a shock to me. Okay, maybe it's time to call Norazlina back to Planet Earth tongue. But then, I think the management can do better.

Anyhow, thank God, the kids were not that complaining. And they enjoyed the short stint they spent at the beach. 

We had a nice dinner in one of the restaurants near Kemaman. The seafood and sata were excellent. Sorry, pics of the food are not available.

We managed to sleep that night, well, at least I did... and we checked out early the next morning. We had a wedding to attend kan....? winking

And finally, a trip to Cherating won't be complete if you don't make a stop at one of these shops.
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