Toys Alive
I don't think I have ever watched Toy Story or Toy Story 2. Somehow a movie about a bunch of toys became alive when no humans are in sight, having their own story does not excites me much. So, when I read people's statuses on FB on how they like Toy Story 3 so much, I was sceptical raised eyebrows. And I half-heartedly agree to watch Toy Story 3 when we went to the cinema 2 weekends ago. I was hoping to see Karate Kid actually, tapi tak de la pulak masa tu.

Despite the few seconds when I fell asleep, I enjoyed every second of the movie. Hmm... kata enjoy, tapi boleh terlelap pulak...thinking Nothing wrong with the movie. It must have been due to exhaustion. So, yes!! I agree with lots of other people who said Toy Story 3 rocks.

The movie is about a group of toys which belong to Andy. It started when Andy, who has grown up, was about to go to college. In the movie I got to meet:

Woody the sheriff, who is particular with his hat and gave me a heart-stopping moment when almost got caught by the janitor during his escape from the restroom in the day care center whew!.

Buzz Lightyear, the space ranger, who has a button that can change him to the demo mode (you don't want him to be in this mode) or wrongly reset him to speak Espanol (he was very charming in this mode, though cool).

Jesse, the pretty and charming cowgirl, who was charmed with Buzz in his Spanish mode batting eyelashes.

Rex, the dinosaur, whose tail was pointed enough to cut through a trash bag and enable the toys to escape from being dumped into a garbage truck.

Mr and Mrs Potato, a lovable couple with detachable parts. One of Mrs Potato's eyes was accidentally detached and was left in Andy's house so she can still see Andy's room if she closes the other eye (even though she was miles away). Mr Potato's parts were once detached from the body and he had to use a tortilla as a temporary body.

Slinky Dog who has a metal slinky spring as its body. His body was badly abused and entangled by the kids in the daycare center.

The trio of 3-eyed aliens from the Pizza Planet who have an obsession for The Claw, aka the crane, and they used the Claw to save all the toys from being incinerated in the garbage dump.

Barbie who became the proof that not all blondes are dumbidea. This is when she cleverly tricked Ken.

Ken, who has closets full of clothes, but in the end sacrificed his vanity when he is seen half-naked with only his boxer shorts on.

Lotso Bear, the huggable-turned-mean bear, who became deceitful after being replaced and forgotten by his owner. He kept the day care center like a prison and the toys were treated like prisoners.

Big Baby, Lotso's right hand man (or baby). Even though he's a baby, he's big and is like a giant compared to the other toys.

Cymbal banging monkey monkey, who has very big eyes and was assigned by Lotso Bear to watch over a set of monitors in order to prevent the toys from escaping. He doesn't speak but when he sees anything out of ordinary, he bangs his cymbals and squeak his monkey's voice loudly, and that will alert the Bear. Freaky thing... I guess the sounds are not audible to humans.

Bonnie, a nice little girl who kept her toys well, who finally received all of Andy's toys and they all lived happily ever after.

And there are other characters as well such as Chatter Telephone (nice fella), Bookworm (nerd!!!) and Hamm (bloated piggy bank).

All in all, 2 adults and 4 kids enjoyed the movie very much. Err... make that 3 kids. One kid was asleep throughout the movie. Better  that way, or else that one kid would be seen exploring up and down the aisle of the cinema. Now, having watched that movie, should I feel guilty for the numerous toys that I have broken, forgotten or thrown away when I was a child? tongue
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