Syawal calling
The month of Ramadhan is approaching. And subsequently, Syawal, the month of Eid celebration. With that, sales promotion are everywhere; from household deco to food to attire and everything else.

I remembered when I was small, I used to help my mom bake cookies. Those were the good times. Sanggup tak tidur lepas sahur semata-mata nak buat kuih d'oh. Then I grew up and stayed away from home most of the time. When I was still single, I used to stay with friends and we did some baking too, secara berjemaah. Dan makan secara berjemaah jugak happy. The thrill of baking the cookies ourselves beats the thrill of buying them.

When I got married, I still have the determination and the kerajinan in me to bake cookies. Well, with only 1 child at that time, everything was under control. Then after a few years and 3 more kids later, I gave up baking cookies, due to 'tak kuasa'ness. Now, the situation reversed. The 'tunjuk-tunjuk kuih' is more thrilling big grin.

And recently, I have 'tunjuk'ed a few cookies for Raya preparations. Some friends from school and I got together one Saturday for cookies and Sarawak layered cakes tasting. We met at Emma's house who was kind enough to offer her place for the event.

Laily Salleh, who came from Ipoh, Perak brought her samples of Cheese Bangkit. It was very yummylicious.

The cookies are available in 100 or 50 pieces pack. I forgot the price already. Jangan nanti lupa nak bayar sudah...winking

Mastura Malik, who stayed in Shah Alam, also has a business in food, specifically cupcakes. Tengok jari tangan pun dah tau pandai masak ni happy.

She is also selling 2 types of cookies: Snowy Almond and Chocolate Chip. I really like the Snowy Almond. I brought back some samples home for my kids, and they love it. And I'm seriously considering of doubling my order...thinking

Another tycoon in this business, is Mas Atika Jaafar. She's the owner of Randau Cafe which has appeared in my previous blog posts. Ni gelak orang kaya ni...laughing 

She brought samples of Sarawak layered cakes. Here are some shots of the cakes. More info is available in her website.

And besides tasting the delicious cakes and cookies, we had a great time chatting and dining. We had Laksa and fried vermicelli provided by Emma as well as the famous Laksa Sarawak from Eika's cafe.

Good food with good friends. Tengok-tengok, jam dah pukul 5 pm...surprise I left my house before 12 noon...

This is a picture of us. The 2 verse Malay Pantun: 'Gendang gendut tali kecapi, kenyang perut senang hati' is reflected in our faces big grin.

Sitting down from left: Zaira with her youngest child Ian, Emy (the madam Principal) and Mas (of Mastura Chomel Cupcakes).
Standing from left: Emma (the hostess), Laily (Ipoh mali), me, Azuwa (who has just conquered Mount Kinabalu), Zie (who brought delicious dessert for us), Aiz (bidadari di awan biru who has just got back from London if I'm not mistaken), Eika (CEO of Randau Cafe), Ani (co-owner of Garage boutique) and Sherry (who is preggy with her second child).

I headed back home with a sense of satisfaction (and fullness in the belly). At least a small percentage for Eid celebration is already achieved. Will think about the rest later. Apa-apa hal pun, puasa dulu tongue.
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2 Responses
  1. Nurul.Liyana Says:

    it's nice to have such friends and gather along, having chit-chat & makan2...

  2. Betul Liyana. Especially if the friends pandai masak.:)