Blame it on the Voice

Voice navigation starts.
Good, it's functioning well.

In 100 meters, turn left.
Ok, noted.

Turn left.
Alright, I'm turning left.

In 100 meters, turn right. Then turn right.
Ok, roger that.

Turn right.

Go straight.
Great, that's easy.

In 100 meters stay on the left lane and enter the expressway.
Cool, I'm on my way.

Go straight.
Ok, no problemo.

Rest area in 100 meters.
Thanks but no thanks.

Toll booth in 100 meters.
Thanks. I hope I have enough credit on my TnG.

In 100 meters stay on the left lane and exit the expressway.
Ok. I saw the exit.

Stay on the left lane and go straight.

Stay on the left lane.
I am on the left lane.

Opps... how did I get to the Putrajaya Sentral instead?

Dah kena U-turn. Haiyaa...d'oh

Wishful thinking: I think the above won't happen if that thing emits the voice of Faizal Tahir or Jason Mraz. tongue

Note: the above events occurred en route to Kota Warisan via MEX highway.  Some parts have been truncated for the sake of the readers big grin. I was with Elin, a friend from school. However the back-talk above was not uttered out loud. For the sake of Elin. winking
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