Another Randau rendezvous
The 'Sweet Child O' Mine' ring tone alerted me of an incoming call the other day. I was at the hospital then. My father was just discharged after his TKR operation. Alhamdulillah.

The call was from Hemy. Dia tanya, 'Esok free tak?'

Whenever she called and asked whether I'm free or not, there must be a plan 'baik punya'. Apparently, our mutual friend from school, Hanie Fauzi, who resides in Kedah, will be in KL for a short while. Great!! dancingLet's meet. And the meeting place, none other than Randau cafe which I have mentioned numerous times in my previous blog posts.

So, we had a small get together while having a late lunch. Hemy, Eika, Zie, me, Hanie and Aiz. Also visible in the pic superbaby Alif, Aiz's precious and me-no-more-baby, me-big-girl-already Qis, Zie's sweetheart.

Both Hemy and Hanie were my classmates from Form 1 to 3. Then, going into Form 4, I opted for Science class while Hemy and Hanie continued in the Social Science subjects together with Eika, Zie and Aiz. Hmmm....if you think Science people can't mix with Soc Sci people, you're wrong...shame on you

We were joined by another friend of ours, Ita Nordin who is celebrating her 13th year of marriage.

Ita was also my classmate from Form 1 to 4. But then, in Form 5, she moved up to 5 Science 1 class while I was stuck in 5 Science 3 class. I think I have not had enough DHA at that time winking.

This is the cake that Eika made for Ita for her anniversary. We had the chance to taste the cake (not this one) but some cupcakes that Eika made using the same ingredients as Ita's cake.

Credit to Mas Atika Jaffar's Facebook photos for this photo.

Anyhow, the last time I was in Randau, I had mee rebus tulang. So this time, I ordered Laksa Sarawak. Looks delicious isn't it? Note: the cili padi in soy sauce is not the condiment for Laksa Sarawak. That was for Hanie's Char Kue Teow. Hey, I can see the reflections of Aiz and Zie in the pic. That's how clean and shiny the table at Randau is...big grin

We also had this dessert, puding sagu. Hmm..hmm... good...drooling

I also bought two boxes of this kerepek pedas. Definitely da bomb in taste. Super best!! thumbs up No wonder Hemy borong sampai 4 bekas happy.

Well, this is yet another episode at Randau. And I'm sure this won't be the last.
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