Legwork along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman
The same clan as in the earlier post decided to have another trip. This time to Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman or Jalan TAR for short. A famous street in Kuala Lumpur, which locates dozens of shops from diners, to clothes, to head covers, to carpets, to wedding things... you name it...

I have fond memories of Jalan TAR. During university days, my friends and I used to stay in the college located on Jalan Temerloh, very near to Titiwangsa Lake Garden of KL. We occasionally went to Jalan TAR, mostly on Saturday evenings coz there's a night market on Saturdays. We would take the pink-colored mini bus (oh yes.... I survived thru that era..), can't remember what number, 10? 15? which took us to Jalan TAR. And of course, I used to go out on dates at  Jalan TAR with my then BF who has now claimed the title as my hubby happy.

Ok, back to the present day... As we planned it, we will meet at a restaurant called Insaf which is famous for its briyani rice followed by tudung shopping. So, on that Tuesday, I was in my office, which is just minutes away from Jalan TAR. At 1.40 pm (we were supposed to meet at 2 pm) as I was getting ready to leave the office, my cell phone rang. It was my neighbor. Oh..oh... I said to myself... This can't be something good. Bad news it was. Apparently, my mother in law, who is staying with us, and my 3rd daughter, were accidentally locked out of the house and the keys were inside. So I had to rush home to open the door for them. And called Hemy to inform her that I may be late or maybe I won't be able to join them at all. Inilah yang dikatakan, manusia hanya boleh merancang... I reached home a little after 2. Then bawak kereta mcm ribut (I imagine it was like a ribut) and headed for Jalan TAR. Parked outside Semua House which cost me RM8 per entry and finally sat down in Insaf by 2.30 pm. Pheww....whew!

 Us... finishing lunch. I had briyani rice with fried chicken and iced tea. Pic from left: Me, Ana, Elin, Nor (bz dok jawab phone call) and Hemy.

Then, we started our mission to buy some head covers. Well, actually it was not my mission. Coz I don't have the intention to buy any. I'm just tagging along exercising my legs. Tak reti la pulak nak beli tudung saje-saje, selalunya kena beli baju dulu then look for tudung..(Moral of the story: I need new dresslaughing )

So, this is the first agenda on the mission. While we were at this shop, a customer mistaken me for the salesgirl and asked the price of one of the items... Chett... muka salesgirl ke apa...angry
Pic: Nor is trying on a tudung. I don't remember why Hemy or Ana were laughing.

More tudung agenda. Pic: Nor trying  yet another tudung. Elin is showing off one of the tudungs which actually reminded us of kek lapis Eika.

Tudung, tak sah kalau tak de brooch. So, we stopped by this shop. They bought something, I just cuci mata.

And did I mention that one of us is a tailor? Not me, obviouslyit wasn't me. I don't even have a sewing machine, remember? Elin yang pandai menjahit tu. She can sew baju kurungs and also can sew beads and sequins and all those lip lap things onto your dress. This pic was taken in a shop in Semua House. Elin bought some beads for her next masterpiece which is actually baju Ana.

Next on the agenda was almost like a trademark for us. Dah penat berjalan, we stopped by Station Kopitiam, outside Semua House, and ordered 5 drinks and 1 dish. From left: honey cinnamon tea, melon juice, strawberry shake, honey dew shake, something chocolatey (can't remember the name) and hokkien mee (no vege... kalau dah tak de sayur tu, tak lain tak bukan Hemy la yang order)

We went home eventually. Them with their packages that they have just bought. While I balik berlenggang. But berlenggang berisi coz while we were shopping, Elin shared, consulted and advised  us on some personal image tips. Cool eh....cool Image consultation by the road side.

Back at home, feeling tired but exhilarated at the same time, my husband gave me his disbelief look surprise when I told him that my friends and I will be going for another outing next week hee hee
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