Birthday of my dear ones
As a child, I don’t remember my parents buying a birthday cake or me having to blow out candles on my birthdays. And at that age, I don’t really bother about cakes anyway. My siblings and I did get toys from time to time, even though it was not our birthdays. But during those times, toys are not our main demand. We preferred playing outside (Polis sentri, kejar-kejar, main masak-masak, main nyorok-nyorok and many others), taking a dip in the river or playing with self-made toys. Only when I went to boarding school and university did I started to celebrate birthdays with cakes and candles and all.

Now that I have kids, hubby and I will always hold a small ceremony partyby having cake and candles every time the kids celebrate their birthdays. But no, we don’t believe in saying a wish while blowing the candles or about how the wish can come true if you can blow all the candles in one breath or any other history related to
birthday cakes and candles. The cake and the candles are just for fun to make the kids happy. And it’s one of the time the family get together for some quality time. However, I have stopped having cake on my birthday for many years now… Dah tak kuasa nak tiup-tiup lilin..laughing

Well, enough about that. I’m not going to ramble on the history of cakes and candles. Yesterday was the birthday of 2 of my girls. Syahirah Nor Ain (8 years old) and Syafiqah Nor Aisyah (2 years old). They were both born on 6th of January and coincidentally both were born on a Sunday.

So we had a cake yesterday.
This cake is priced at RM27.00

We sang the song, Allah selamatkan kamu etc etc… and also the Happy Birthday song.

Singing with mouths closed???confused

They blew out the candles.

Mujur tak tersembam muka kat kek.

They ate the cake.

Then they opened their gifts.

We used to buy gifts for all children regardless whose birthday it was because we hate to see the other child eyeing the other’s gift. And they tend to fight over the gifts too.. aiyoo...d'oh But we stopped doing that sometime ago so only the birthday girl get presents. Well, jimat belanja is one thing. The kids learn to appreciate their gifts more.

Syahirah is enjoying her gift with her Along. Along pun dah start berangan nak the same gift for her birthday.
Syafiqah is feeding her 'baby'. She definitely has the motherly looks..winking

Later, we had dinner at Restoran Rumah Thai. The kids love going there. And we had Ayam Pandan (chicken in screwpine leaves), Udang butter (prawns fried in butter), mixed Tom Yam, kailan fried with salted fish and beef cooked paprik style.

And to finish it off, ice cream for the kids.
And I overate. I know I should have fasted today… isyh..isyh..isyh..sigh
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