It's not just about the colors

I was confused this morning when I logged in to my FB coz I see 'colors' being written on status updates of most of my (female) friends. I thought, what did I miss? What's with all this colors? Why am I so blur...? And they are being quite discreet about it. However, after reading a lot of statuses and a whole lot more of the comments, then I got it. Colors of the bras that one is wearing is being updated. No wonder they are being so secretive about it winking.

So what is this hubbub about bra colors all of a sudden? Some kind of marketing strategy by some bra company? Or just a game among the females in which guys are not invited? Well, with the power of the google, I search for this issue. I only typed bra color and it brought me to the exact information that I needed.

So alkisahnya, it's some form of a breast cancer awareness campaign. And so many blogs and postings are reporting about this such as this one. It's not just about the colors...happy

p/s picture above is from here

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