Wind of change in Desa Tun
I left high school about 20 years ago. Four years ago, I set foot on its ground again for its Golden Jubilee Celebration. I was thrilled and excited to see the familiar classrooms where I once study (or sleep sleepy); the dorm where we used to lepak and had midnight snack; the walkways where we used to run heading for the dining hall coz if late, the queue will be very long; the gym where we had fun playing the game called bola baling; the public phones where I used to wait for ages to call home or ahem-ahem..blushing; the warden room which we tried as hard as possible to avoid going to for it has this certain negative aura; the teacher’s lounge where we knew some of our letters were held since its content may be of a threat to us, not the national threat kind of thing but a threat to the boys-girls relationship boundaries raised eyebrows; the school compound which once upon a time had mango trees and cempedak trees which led us to temptations beyond resistance; the showers, where each morning with sleep heavy in our eyes, hung our towels on the door as a sign that we are booking that particular cubicle so those towels which were at the most bottom, will get to use the shower first (some rule eh… but it works) and lots of other things that are quite impossible to jot down here.

Pic from 4 years ago with some of the batch-mates. In the pic: Arm (grey tudung), Tie Z on her left (yg maintain ayu), Dayangku Lily (yg macam tengah baca doa tu) then on the opposite side, me (yang nyaris-nyaris tak masuk dlm gambar), then Ila (yg nampak mata je tu) and Elin (yang kalau posing memang class..)Nostalgic abis dpt makan kat dlm the same dining hall again... *Addendum: Enit is in the pic!! Furtherst middle right. Only half face showing. This is totally aging. Boleh tak perasan pulak..*

However, time goes by. People change, apatah lagi tempat. Walaupun tak ada bah, ia tetap berubah. So some changes were noticeably observed in the school but I’m sure for the better. Now, at 2010, I received a description of the school’s new look via email. It was written by one of our seniors, Sis Wardah, describing the change that has transpired in the school. Somehow I had this feeling that yearn for the school to stay as it is, but that's like wishing you won't get older eh..?. However the report itself is beautifully written and I could not resist sharing it here.

Begin report:

I must say I was IMPRESSED upon driving up to the main tarmac, near the office building. There is this BIG and LONG brightly painted with our school green color, welcoming board spanning across at least 2 classrooms length, at the admin block to greet visitors. The words "WELCOME TO SEKOLAH TUN FATIMAH". Also they have transformed the whole length of the ground floor corridor, at the block facing the tarmac into a covered green awning walk-way. The bilik guru has been moved from the other block to this block and it looked much much better with new sturdy tables. And the Pusat Sumber has been moved to a more humane area from the 4th floor, i.e. to the block nearest to the road, second floor. This floor is connected via a brigde from the tarmac so students now frequent the Pusat Sumber, not like before.

At the "kolam" area infront of the office, the fish tank is gone and replaced with beautiful shiny glass panel laden with all the prizes and awards which were in the Pengetua's room all this while. This has made our sisters happy and motivated to see all the winnings made by the school and their seniors. (I tak sempat nak ambil gambar ni. Later lah ok..)

Oh..yes, the canteen. The place where sampah used to be thrown and an eye-sore was cleaned up and turned into a cosy enclosed air-cond eating place for teachers and me.. where I spent my talking time with the Pengetua -- at least about 30 minutes max there.

Oh there are a million things to tell you. Kak Junaidi has really done her best and yet she says she is still not finished yet. Next year she is due to retire, so she likes to get most of the changes in soon.

On another note: You could also "see" other important and intangible changes too... the 'air' of Kakak-kakak bullying adik-adik is hopefully thing of the past.. She said she had a hard time identifying the root causes, but ALhamdullilah it was ironed out last year and hopefully we are seeing more of the seniors embracing and welcoming the new adiks with open arms. She said however closer monitoring is still needed to ensure the culture which we had last time will be returned accordingly. HEM is a new outside teacher hand-picked by the Jabatan -- she is Puan Maimunah, a very motherly figure and I am sure the new girls will relate to her. Puan Saidah is now guru cemerlang and will concentrate on teaching. I met Pn Saidah and a few other teachers at the canteen.

I must commend the way Kak Ju playing her role as the passionate Pengetua handled her PR with the parents and their soon to-be-left behind daughters. She would dakap the new girls and made them felt welcomed. I was told around 127 new girls registered that day. They estimated that each girl would be accompanied by a pair of parents, so they arranged chairs for around 127x3, but the turn out was over subscribed by 7 to 8 times; Grandma and Grandpa, abang-adik-kakak were also there to send off this new Puteri Srikandi. So obviously you expect some delays in the registration process -- understandable. But luckily the dewan is now fully air-conditioned and has a new face lift.

Apa lagi nak cerita eh.. oh yes, the dorm... The dorm which I went to (former Block A) now Blue coloured has been tiled with white tiles to cover the old cement surface. The toilets are due to be reno in the next phase. The bed sheets are all white with the School Badge printed at the foot of the sheet. So sejuklah sikit mata memandangnya. RM20 each bed sheet. Nak beli ke??? For we all the price is RM50.00 he he he...

I will append some of the pictures I took with my not-so-clear mobile handphone camera.

All in all, I seriously suggest that those who have the means, and if you ikhlas, please lend a hand or contribute some extra funds to the school while Kak Ju is still there and trying to make our school pristine again.

Kak Ju also asked that you all please DOA that the school gets good SPM results so that it can be adorned with a special entitlement which carries with it a substantial financial assistance. The recent excellent PMR 1.01 results was such a great gift to the school and all the form 4 girls were gleaming with pride whenever they introduced themselves as Form 4 girls.. and why not? because almost everyone got 8As... woosh..some of them are R2V players too.

Lastly, I hope to organise a get-together to visit Cik Kalthum. I thought of getting the UTM and JB girls on board. Kak Ju would like to come along so that we can use the NEW SCHOOL BUS.

End report.

p/s Apart from minor typo errors, the report is just as K. Wa wrote it… Hmm.. is it terminologically correct to use WYSIWYG in this case..? ha ha…laughing
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