Cara-cara membuat Kuih Cara Berlauk
This is one of the few dishes that I can cook. It's quite simple. A school mate did mention some time ago that we actually learn this dish in our Home Science subject in secondary school many years ago. But how come I did not have any recollection whatsoever of cooking this dish during school time? Takkan ponteng kot...thinking Even though I admit that I didn't have the passion for the subject then, but I wasn't a kaki ponteng...err... true most of the time...happy

Anyhow, I learn to master (master ke...??) this dish when I'm already married. Too late?? Better late than never. Lagipun bila dah pandai buat, mula la rasa yg beli punya kurang uummph... (waahhh.... berlagak giler...tongue). And the most important thing, my other half likes to eat it. Kids too.. Initially, my kids jual mahal. Tak nak makan. Then, they had their first dose, lepas tu, sekali ambik, 2, 3 ketul sekali... (waahh.... masuk bakul angkat sendiri lagi sekali..tongue)

Ok, back to the point...
The recipe can be obtained from various sources. I'm sure on the net itself dah bersepah-sepah. And I'm no exception. I browsed thru the net too to learn.

The ingredients (batter):

Wheat flour
Coconut milk
Yellow colouring

The how (batter):
Mix all the ingredient and put in the blender and trrr.... away.

Note: The same batter ingredients can be used to make roti jala. Another dish that my kids love.

The ingredients (filling):

Minced beef (sometimes I'm terlebih rajin, so I mince the meat myself. Easier way, buy the ready-minced one)
Garlic, shallot and dried chillies (blend)
Curry powder
Salt and sugar (secukup rasa)

The how (filling):
Saute the blended ingredients in a frying pan. Add in curry powder which has been dissolved in water. Add in meat, salt and sugar. Add in the chopped onions. Simmer for a while until the meat is well done. Then put it aside.

For decorations:
Chopped spring onions and red chillies
Fried shallots

Really sorry I can't give the exact measurements of each ingredient coz I selalu campak2 je... err... of course I'm exaggerating. But seriously, I simply add in the ingredient sesuka hati, and then observe the texture. Agak2 cair sangat, boh lagi tepung. Agak2 kurang lemak, boh lagi santan. And that's why I don't have the consistency in my cooking. Today's Kuih Cara Berlauk may taste differently from last week's Kuih Cara Berlauk. Sometimes it tasted heavenly.., sometimes it tasted hampehly..winking! I advise you to refer to other sources for the complete recipe.

Now you have the batter and the filling ready, this is how to make the kuih itself.

You need to have a mould like the one in the pic. Put the mould on the stove. Since the mould's bottom is not flat you need to have some sort of support (please refer to the pic). Tak reti pulak aku nak explain that thing yg boleh jadi alas tu. Let's call it alas periuk. Once the mould is safely perched on the stove, ignite the fire, glaze some oil on each one of the mould's spaces? cavities? holes?..confused whatever la kann.. Usually, one mould has 6 of those. My mother-in-law usually use daun pandan and dip the leaf in oil and glaze the mould so there will be an extra nice aroma of daun pandan. But me, the malas version, will glaze the mould with anything that I can get hold on to. Kalau sudu, sudu la. 

Next, once the mould is heated enough, pour the batter mixture into the mould's spaces. I use a jug, easy to pour. But caution, not too full or overflow coz you'll be putting the meat filling next. If too full, the batter mixture will overflow and it won't be Kuih Cara Berlauk anymore but Kuih Tak Cara Berlauk..laughing. 3/4 full is just nice.

Once the mould is filled with the batter, put in the meat filling.  Err... see, mine almost overflowed... Sometimes I do cakap tak serupa bikin winking. Anyhow, I loveee to put a lot of the filling. Lagi banyak, lagi best. Usually, those which are on sale, kedekut lauk (Kuih Cara Sikit Lauk). Oh yes... almost forgot, all this while, maintain a low fire eh.. if not, tak sempat nak bubuh semua inti, the bottom part of the kuih will be burnt and rentung and hangit...

Next, add in the decorations. Spring onions, red chillies and fried shallots. I usually skip the chillies and fried shallots coz my kids will excavate  'em and throw 'em away. Better not put it and save my energy from chopping those things whew!


Then, cover the mould with a lid. Whatever lid can do. Janji tutup so that the kuih is well-cooked.

 Next, take out the kuih from the mould. It shouldn't be sticking to the mould. If sticky, may be it is not well cooked or the batter too watery or the mould is not well-oiled. Agaknya la... Me no Chef Wan... big grin

Repeat the above process until you have finished the batter. And if you ran out of filling and still has the batter, not to worry. Do the same as above, but instead of beef filling, can put in sugar. Jadi la Kuih Cara. Just as yummy. Well, of course the color is wrong la. Kalau Kuih Cara kan green kaler. 


Now, serve and Bismillah... makan...thumbs up

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