You sick, I sick

My 2nd child is not well since yesterday. She started coughing and complaining of chest tightness. So this morning, hubby and I took her to a clinic nearby. It is a 24-hour clinic and we often seek for treatment there especially when other clinics are either closed or the doctor on duty is not in.
It is not yet 8 am when we arrived at the clinic. But there were already 2 people waiting and another 2 coming in while we were waiting. My kid’s name was called and we went in. The doctor is a female and young. Maybe the same age as me (I’m still young ke..? ) or maybe younger. But I like the way she treats her patients. She’s friendly, good with kids and the most important thing; she really looks like she cares. My kid had to be given the nebulizer and her lungs were clear after that, Alhamdulillah.
We exited the doctor’s room and I was amazed surprise to see how full the waiting room was. Almost all seats were taken. Phew… I’m glad we came early or else we would be waiting there for ages. But it’s no surprise to see many people there. The doctor is the main reason, I think. If I’m comfortable with that doctor, I’m sure others share the same feelings too thus they come again and again... No wonder they managed to expand the clinic. From 1 shop lot, now they have taken up 2 shop lots. I’m impressed. Bed-side manner does matters.
We went home with bottles of meds: antibiotic, ventolin & antipyrexic syrup. My kid is not very keen on taking tablets medications. Macam la ubat syrup tu dia senang makan… sheesh…sigh It’s such a pressure dan mencabar kesabaran waiting for her to gulp down the meds only to end up with she vomitting it out…sick Adoii... memang bertuah anak ini…
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