A trip that is worth every mile
It was a spur of the moment kind of plan via FB to have lunch with few of my ex-schoolmates 2 days ago. And with no itinerary and exact details, we agreed to meet the next day. Five of us: Nor Hemylia Mohd Nor, aka Hemy, Zanariah Mohd Nor aka Ana (not related to Hemy), Noraliza Alias aka Nor, Alina Merah aka Elin and I. So yesterday, finalizing the plan over phone, it was decided that the rendezvous will be at One Utama. Oh oh… I exclaimed… worried Now how do I get there considering the limited routes that I’m used to as the car driver. Tak kira la the countless times I’ve been to One Utama with the family coz hubby is driving and I’m just the passenger that manage to stay oblivious to the routes and the turns and the tolls and what nots…tongue
So, I resorted to Google maps… but oh boy..d'oh. I’m hopeless in reading maps too.. Then, I turned to a living and talking GPS-like device. A colleague of mine, Siti Fatimah Ibrahim, kindly drew me a map with detailed instructions of when to stay on the right lane or when to switch to the left lane… Google maps pun tak boleh bagi this kind of service. And I’m pretty confident when I set out yesterday afternoon. But orang hanya boleh tolong lukis peta and bagi instruction tapi kalau dah yang ikut arahan tu blur, blur jugak la. I’ve been advised to follow the Penchala Link but I guess in my ‘blur’ness state, I missed the exit. I did panicked but thank God the signboards are quite reliable and I managed to reach One Utama safely and in good time too. whew!
Since I was early, I headed for Ana’s house which is in Taman Tun. And again, thank God, the directions are quite simple and easy to follow. Well, minus the U-turn I had to make because I accidentally took the wrong lane… the rest of the trip was uneventful.
Then all of us car pooled to One Utama. And had a wonderful time having lunch at one place and then adjourned only to have another drink at another place… Well, the toilet stop in between helps. And we had hilarious moments rolling on the floor (err... not the rolling on floor part though) when the specifications for choosing an eating place does not solely depends on the menu but also on the chairs to sit on. Eg stools mcm kedai kopi tu tak nak, tak de tempat sandar. Menu tu tak heran, Kg B*** pun ada…
This is where we read the menu but decided it’s not for us (cheh… berlagakk) and went out to look for another place.

And we chose this place. BBQ Chicken.

I had this dish called Kochi but it is nothing like Kuih Koci at all. Very nice. Stay tuned to Hemy’s page. She had a lot more pictures to show and with more stories to tell, I am sure.

Eventually we went back to the first eating place, an outlet called Teh Tarik, and had drinks and a plate of maggi goreng. Sharing is caring...
I think we must have walked almost a mile (as usual I’m exaggerating rolling eyes) before we settled down to eat but it’s worth every mile… or inch.. And even before this particular trip started, we have already planned for the next trip.
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