School pressure on me
This is the sequel to my previous post. My kids are currently going through the usual pressure and the stress of school. They have started having homework on day 2 of school. And some of it is transferred to me as well. What the Malays said: cubit peha kanan, peha kiri terasa juga (Literal translation: Pinch right thigh, left thigh feels pain: which means when your loved one is in pain, you suffer too). And there are a few other pressures as well.

The other day when I went to my kid’s kindy to pay the registration fees; the teacher was looking through my kid’s registration form. And she made a remark: Oo.. ni yang lecturer tu ya..?’ I smiled and said yes. But inside, I was like.... alamak!! She now must have a certain expectation from my kid. She would expect my kid to excel academically and well-behaved just like how a lecturer’s kid should excel and behave. Aduss… pressure..pressure…at wits' end The same pressure is also shared by my colleagues who have kids in school. But that is the case, isn’t it? If you are a lecturer, if you are a teacher, if you have a Dr title in front of your name, …automatically your kids should perform well in school. It’s in the genes, people say. The genius trait runs in the family. Genius la sangat…rolling eyes I would have fail some of the papers in the primary school if I were to seat for them. Have you ever watched ‘Are you smarter than a 5th grader?’ ? I would definitely join the drop outs laughing.

As if the above pressure is not enough, I have other matters to fret about. School uniforms and shoes... The level of cleanliness of my kids, even though they are girls, can be as bad as boys. Especially my second, she tend to have the dirtiest school uniforms, the muddiest school shoes and the filthiest school socks. And twice a week I would channel my energy to scrubbing and washing the dirty clothes whew!. Well, my husband did offer to send the clothes to the laundry but for now I declined. Cheh!! Jual mahal… Tengok la, agak-agak nak tercabut tangan ni menyental, I would take up his offer. I hope the offer has no expiry date praying. So wish me luck, people happy.

The 2 pails of laundry. The whites are sorted from the dark colors. One pail has been tackled last night. Another awaits...

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