Old Friends @ Old Town
Met a couple of friends from school, Hemy & Elin, earlier today at Old Town White Coffee, Ampang Park. It has been ages since I met Elin. And it’s just the right time to see her since it’s her birthday in 2 days time. Well, as for Hemy, tak de le rindu sangat, sebab hari-hari jumpa kat FB… ha ha… winking

Elin and I came a long way together from school, being classmates for five years. We shared lots of memories together: our obsession for rock bands, boyfriends (she still call me by a name which is related to one of my old flames tongue), our way of entertaining ourselves when feeling sleepy in class, sleepover at her dorm (which is actually prohibited then), sleepover at sick bay (which is totally no entry especially to healthy students), and oh yes… the mango tree…big grin

On the contrary, Hemy and I were classmates for only 3 years but hey… siapa tak kenal Hemy… She is definitely of a different league, being more ‘nakal’ than medevil. Even tho I broke some rules back then, but if I say I was a prefect, people will certainly take my word for it hee hee cheh...perasan... But having said that, I salute Hemy for what she was before and what she is now.

We had a good chat and some good food. We had Coffee Cham (coffee and teh campur = Cham?). We had kaya & butter toast (nice), curry potato toast (very nice), tuna toast (ok la), cocktail sausage basket (a bit salty) and samosa (a bit tiny for our big appetite, or rather Hemy’s big appetite). Well, she’s buying, so it’s just logical for her to eat more winking. Terima kasih daun keladi Hemy, lain kali my turn.

The only dishes that are visible are samosa and curry potato toast. The rest dah selamat ditelan and some were not ordered yet then.

We are old friends all right but we are wayyy from old…(ye la tu...) And I left them for more gossiping at 5.30pm ++, half an hour behind my daily schedule. And on the way back I called my hubby, just to enquire whether he’s already home. Nope, he was just about to go home. So, ok la, tak le dia sampai rumah dulubig grin. And he mockingly said, tu la… jumpa kawan2 sampai tak ingat anak, nasib baik tak lupa laki..’ And I said…’of course tak lupa, that’s why I call’. When actually, the main reason I called was to find out who will be picking our youngest kid from the day care center, me or him… big grin
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