Mummy’s night out
Part I

I attended a dinner held by the faculty last Friday night. On Thursday and on that Friday morning, before I left the house, I reminded my kids again that mummy will be home late and not to be naughty and listen to daddy and granny. The kids were like.. ala….. mak balik pukul berapa?? Kenapa mak balik lambat?? Those kind of statements.

That Friday afternoon, while at work, my 3rd daughter called. She must have this feeling of dissatisfaction because mummy won’t be home at the usual time. She said, ‘Kenapa mak balik lambat? Kan selalunya ayah je yg balik lambat?’ At 7 pm, my 2nd daughter called and asked, ‘Pukul berapa mak nak balik?’ I said, ‘Malam nanti mak balik’. She said, ‘Ni kan dah malam ni..’ She even refused to do her homework because I was not there sigh.

Conclusion Part I
  • Daddy should be home earlier more often. thinking OR

  • Mummy should be having more nights out. dancing OR

  • Kids need mummy more than daddy. laughing (My husband will totally disagree to this…)

Part II

The dinner was held by the faculty to express appreciation to its staffs that have performed excellently in categories namely Academic & Research, Quality, Community Service and Sports. Ha’ah… ye la tu… rolling eyes cemerlang la sangat (speaking for myself). Anyhow, I applaud the effort done by the faculty. Staffs are people who need to be appreciated once in a while. Words of encouragement are sometimes enough. Tokens can also be given and not necessarily expensive ones. I received a certificate in a frame and free dinner. Ok la kan… daripada tak ada…big grin But frankly, I feel everyone in the faculty should be appreciated and not only the few hundreds who were invited to the dinner coz everyone did their fair share of contribution and sometimes the margin of who contribute more is sometimes ill-defined..

My hubby’s office has one of the cool ways of showing appreciation to others. He is working in one of the banks in KL. They have what they call as 'Apple'ciation Day. So on that day, you sent out big juicy apples to colleagues that you would like to show your appreciation to. Likewise, people may give you apple to show their appreciation. But what if you don’t receive any apples? Demotivated la pulak. Jadi macam Mr Bean and sent apple to yourself, maybe? tongue

Ok, back to the dinner. It was held in Marriott, Putrajaya.

Nice place. The theme for the night is batik. From left: Norhazlina, yours truly and Anisah

Great company. I was pre-determined to sit at a table elsewhere but luckily I managed to squeeze into this table and enjoyed the dinner. From left: Chua, Azman, Anisah and yours truly again.

Good performance by people from PPUKM itself. This is one of many.

So-so food. Somehow I don't fancy the food but dah depan mata, belasah je la. Thank God the company is great. Those were buttered prawns and chicken ntah masak apa ntah in the pic.

Conclusion Part II

  • Appreciate yourself and others. Why not write an email of appreciation to your colleagues and cc the email to the head of department or maybe the Dean or even the VC or the CEO. Hantar sekali kat PM while you are at that. No la… gila apa… But at least the immediate boss or supervisor should be in the know.
  • Even if the gift/token/words are way below your expectation (like in this case, the dinner…winking), the effort itself should be appreciated. Do you think I should write to the Dean appreciating him for appreciating me? Then he will appreciate me for appreciating him appreciating me. Boleh?? laughing
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