Just another weekend
We attended a wedding on Saturday, hubby, my youngest daughter and I. The rest of the clan preferred staying home. Yeah…they have come to the stage where they began to feel restless when tagging along mummy’s or daddy’s events… I kind of recall that feeling too, years ago.

Ok, about the wedding.. It’s the wedding of an ex-colleague’s son. Held at Dewan Gemalasari, RISDA Headquarters of Jalan Ampang. We reached the place after 1pm and parked outside the building’s premise instead of trying our luck parking inside. Coincidentally, the convoy of cars of the bride's group arrived at the same time. As we were walking through the entrance gate, a car honked. I was irked because I did not block the car’s way. Nak jalan, jalan je la. Hon-hon pulak..angry Mujur tak keluar tanduk...winking And I don’t think I know anyone driving a car of that kind.The car stopped and the window on the passenger’s side rolled down. Nope, I don’t know the person sitting there. But hey, a familiar face on the driver’s seat. Laa…. Hajar rupanya.. I knew her from school and we were in the same matriculation previously. We managed to exchange a few words, I said, wedding colleague punye anak. She managed to utter, dgn anak buah aku la tu. And she drove on. Takkan nak bukak kedai kopi pulak kat tengah jalan tu. But I vowed to at least go find her before I headed home after the wedding.

I enjoyed the food. Very nice. Seri Mayang Catering, if I’m not mistaken. Once finished with the food, we went to look for Hajar and chatted (and gossiping) for a while. Good to see her again. Wish I could stay longer and chat more but hubby had to go to the office afterwards. Bankers…rolling eyes lots of deadlines especially the first 2 weeks of the month. But I managed to snap a photo of the newly-weds before we left.

Dr Alini's son, Hadi and Hajar's niece, Afifah.

On Sunday, Syahidah's kindy held a programme with the authors of Bacalah Anakku and Read Easy books, Puan Nik Eliani & En Othman.

Puan Nik interacting with 2 of the kids.

Some of Puan Nik's words:

'Ibu bapa jangan ajar anak2 ABC, kalau nak anak cepat pandai membaca. Simpan ABC tu dalam almari' - quite hard to accept kan... since ABC is usually the first thing you teach to kids.

'Ibu bapa kena mainkan peranan mengajar anak di rumah. Tapi berhenti sebelum anak jemu' - Yes, I agreed to that, and she also said it's for the sake of the parents too, we tend to lose our patience...at wits' end Yes, I can relate to that too...

'Bila nak bunyikan huruf-huruf, ibu bapa tak payah lah control macho atau control cun' - The face can be very funny-looking when making speech sounds. Try it yourself: go in front of the mirror and try making the sound of 'c' Bahasa Melayu version. You need to pout your lips for you to be able to do the sound 'ch'. And it's not pretty, trust me...laughing

Syahidah has been going to kindergarten for some time now, and Alhamdulillah she is able to read since last year. It's every parents wish for kids to excel in school and I'm wishing the same thing for Syahidah too.
Shahidah (white tudung) with her friends, reciting short verses during the programme.
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